An online trading platform for producers, buyers and other tea trade players

This is an online tea trading platform that offers tea based on the iTea QualiTech Quality and Valuation Reports, and is open to global Buyers making it the best price discovery mechanism.

It allows all Buyers to access at the same time objectively verifiable details of teas on offer, real-time, with traceability information. There shall no longer be any need for Buyers to receive samples for analysis on the type of teas on offer, with some never receiving any.

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  • Trading (offers and bids) based on quality that is objectively determined
  • Invoice valuations no longer based on a rule of the thumb
  • Similar quality teas to fetch similar prices and not on past perceptions
  • A competitive trading platform with the most fresh teas
  • Producers to get their monies within 20 days of production
  • Buyers to access all information of the teas online including the profile of the area where the tea is grown and production systems used.
  • Current trading costs to be reduced by 70%
  • Producer payments well secured
  • Buyer stocks well secured
Key Features
  • iTea QualiTech Quality Determination and Valuation Reports available to all subscribers
  • Objectively established valuations based on quality determined using modern science, Current market levels and global tea composite prices
  • Stocks barcoded at source and tracked all through to buying
  • Stock points after barcoding to include the factory and all other subscribed Warehouses
  • A sample matching service to be offered to subscribed Buyers to ease buying process
  • An integrated system bringing together eligible subscribers and that shall be confirming bids, payments, stock release upon payments, and change of title
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