Tea quality determination, monitoring, trending and matching services

This is a Quality determination, monitoring and trending services. Within it are also Quality audits, Quality advisory and correctional services, Quality improvement training; and Blend samples matching services

iTea QualiTech Quality Reports are usable by Producers, Buyers and any other interest parties including the Regulators in monitoring and tracking countrywide tea quality performance, and to an individual factory.

iTea QualiTech Solutions
  • Remove the current subjective human factor in tea quality determination and valuation that leads to major market distortions
  • Provide for the first time a quality report to Producers as is used in trade to value teas and drive bids
  • Provide a common quality and value basis to be used by all value chain players (Producers and Buyers)
  • Provide an objective basis for Buyers to prepare their bids
  • Enhance auction competition with more objective information to all prospective Buyers
  • Enable individual factories to set quality targets and monitor its quality performance
  • Enable factories to identify quality gaps and undertake quality improvement
  • Cut the cost of unnecessary distribution of samples and sampling
Subscriber Requirements and Rates
  • Here is a list of forms that needs approval for trading on the QualiTech Platform. (Click to download)

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– Quality determination, Monitoring and Trending
– Quality Audits
– Quality Advisory and correctional services
– Quality improvement training
– Blend samples matching services

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