About iTea

A New Global Era in Tea Quality & Trade Using Technology
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Who we are

iTea Limited is a techie company with several years of scientific research, consulting, management and IT experience in all matters related to tea production, pre-harvesting and post-harvest factory processing and marketing of final tea products.

The company offers technical support in implementing technological innovations that enhance production, marketing and trade of tea and related products.

Our Vision
To be the leading global company offering technology-based tea quality determination and trading systems
Our Mission
To sustainably offer technologically based solutions to tea industry players in tea quality determination, valuations and trade, that is objective and transparent for maximum returns
Our Core Values

Quality, Integrity, Reliability & Teamwork

What we do
Key Products

iTea has 4 unique products that provide technology-based solutions to the tea industry.


Tea Quality determination, improvement, monitoring, trending, and sample matching services.

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This is an online trading platform for Producers, Buyers and other Tea Trade players.

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A One-Stop tea data centre on global Tea Trade and general tea market reports.

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Quality Production Training and other specialized services in support of the tea industry

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