The Company

A New Global Era in Tea Quality & Trade Using Technology
History of the Company

iTea Limited was incorporated in 2015 as a limited private company in Kenya. The founders have many years of experience in tea quality research, commercial management, computer programming and serial investments. Following research and development, iTea Limited has ascertained the application and adoption of science in tea quality production and commercial quality determination.

The company now boasts of a team of entrepreneurs, business-oriented minds with deep knowledge and experience in scientific research, consulting, management and IT in all matters related to black tea production and trade. With a repertoire of knowledge and experience ranging from tea land identification, clearance and bush establishment, cultivation, nutrition, pre-harvesting and post-harvest factory processing and marketing of final product, the foundation has been firm.

The company established a Lab to test the knowledge further and built an infrastructure to offer services to the tea industry.

Admittedly, there has been building demand by stakeholders for technical support in implementing technological innovations that enhance production, distribution and marketing of tea and related products in the world.

iTea Limited has committed to sharing its knowledge in the continuous development of tea as a sustainable economic enterprise for the benefit of all stakeholders.

iTea Limited supports and promotes the image of tea as a safe health product.


Our Products

iTea has developed 4 unique products to provide solutions to the challenges facing the industry.